A Good Quick Reference Source


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5 Responses to A Good Quick Reference Source

  1. lingner says:

    Cool! I shall refer to these. Thanks!

  2. lingner says:

    Whoa, whoa, whoa… There’s a Q-14?!?
    And I’m sitting here like a chump with my Q-13…

  3. jennings says:

    I just can’t help myself – I’m a sucker for tech specs…

  4. lingner says:

    Well, I’ve now not only learned what a Q-14 is, but I’ve been informed that we do, in fact, have them here in the studio. The only difference appears to be the size. And to that I say, unabashedly, that I’ve never needed anything more than 8 inches to do my work.

  5. jennings says:

    Did you download the little tif overlay that the site provided? Pretty good idea for calibration. With the wide range of targets, charts, calibrators, etc. I wouldn’t mind a get together to discuss them and the advantages/disadvantages of each.

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