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Digitization: Current Practices to Future Prophecies

“Digitization: Current Practices to Future Prophecies” Chris Edwards, the Getty’s Imaging and Digital Media Architect, presentation at Documenta conference in November 2018.… full conference info:…

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retroReveal provides documentation and web based image processing algorithms designed to help people discover hidden content. While the current version of the site provides basic assistance with image processing, we will be adding support for collaborative work among scholarly communities … Continue reading

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Photographing glass: Lighting techniques for transparent glass objects

Corning Museum of Glass This is the first of a series of blog posts addressing photographic lighting techniques for transparent glasses.

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This is CS50 VR, coming Fall 2016

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Kodak’s first digital camera… “Imagine a world where photography is a slow process that is impossible to master without years of study or apprenticeship. A world without iPhones or Instagram, where one company reigned supreme. Such a world existed in 1973, when Steven … Continue reading

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Captain Capture…

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Nixie: A Tiny Flying Camera Drone You Wear On Your Wrist

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Fascinating Video Explores Director Wes Anderson’s Masterful Use of Symmetry

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Yale exhibit: “Reflections on Bindings”

“Reflectance Transformation Imaging (RTI) offers exciting new possibilities for safely capturing a book’s surface decorations, revealing details that cannot be seen using traditional methods or the naked eye.”

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Boston in Winter

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