Welcome to Info/Law, a blog about information, law, and most of all “Information Law.”

What is Information Law? We see it as an obvious convergence of intellectual property doctrine, communications regulation, First Amendment norms, and new technology. As information becomes the most precious commodity of the 21st century, the law surrounding it will have to evolve. That’s what we want to talk and think about here — along with various related and not-so-related threads (hey, “information” covers a lot of ground!).

Who are we? Right now we are both fellows at the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard Law School. It is an incredibly exciting place at the center of this expanding field of Information Law. I will let my co-blogger, the extraordinary Derek Bambauer, introduce himself. You can find out more about me here. We expect to have more folks come on board, as co-bloggers and guest bloggers, in the weeks ahead.

For now, we are thinking of this blog as a “beta,” because we are still practicing with this whole bloggership thing. So we especially welcome comments and feedback, not just about what we say but about how we say it.

This summer Derek and I are both headed out to become law professors — he at Wayne State and me at the University of Minnesota. We hope that this blog will sustain some of the “water cooler” chat that has made the fellowship at Berkman such a wonderful experience. And we hope you enjoy listening in…

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  1. […] Bill offered an excellent introduction to our blog, and especially to information law – something he and I are mildly obsessed with. (I prefer it to “cyberlaw” because it focuses on data, not medium.) I’m a fellow at the Berkman Center along with Bill and a host of talented folks. I work primarily with the OpenNet Initiative, researching Internet filtering (= technological censorship) in countries such as China, Iran, Singapore, Burma, and Tunisia. There’s more detail on me here; I spent five years with Lotus (now a part of IBM) and am a recovering geek (this may be optimistic). Welcome to Info/Law! […]