Who Is This Guy?

Bill offered an excellent introduction to our blog, and especially to information law – something he and I are mildly obsessed with. (I prefer it to “cyberlaw” because it focuses on data, not medium.) I’m a fellow at the Berkman Center along with Bill and a host of talented folks. I work primarily with the OpenNet Initiative, researching Internet filtering (= technological censorship) in countries such as China, Iran, Singapore, Burma, and Tunisia. There’s more detail on me here; I spent five years with Lotus (now a part of IBM) and am a recovering geek (this may be optimistic). Welcome to Info/Law!

2 Responses to “Who Is This Guy?”

  1. Just saw the link from CO, reading through the (short) backlog.

    I really like this idea of separating medium from message, no matter what McLuhan may have to say about it. However, the law as it stands seems to generally be written in terms of medium, since it is only very recently that message has started to come unmoored.

    I hope to see some development here of this underlying philosophy, and thoughts on how the relevant laws can be overhauled (in small steps, of course) to fit this viewpoint.

  2. […] One of our first commenters (hooray!) picks up on a statement in Derek’s introductory post: Derek prefers (as do I) the term “information law” to “cyberlaw” because it focuses on the content itself, not only the mechanism of delivery. I would expand that to suggest that “information law” includes both medium and message. As terminology, it self-consciously opposes the traditional divide between legal fields — intellectual property, media law, telecommunications regulatory law, First Amendment law, and now cyberlaw or computer law. […]