The Recording Industry Association of America has filed suit in federal court against XM Satellite Radio, alleging that XM’s new Inno device permits users to violate copyrights. (Although the press reports allege that the Inno violates copyright, this isn’t right – inanimate devices don’t violate copyrights, people do. This is important because XM can’t violate […]

Noting Adoption of ODF

IBM announced that the next version of Lotus Notes (minimally clever code name “Hannover“) will support the Open Document Format (ODF) by embedding OpenOffice components into the Notes client. This will allow users to save documents (word processing, spreadsheets, e-mail messages, etc.) in a portable, open format. It also sounds like Notes / Domino will […]

A History of Digital Communities in Seven Minutes

Don’t miss Ethan Zuckerman’s characteristically witty and informative “History of Digital Communities in Seven Minutes,” a blog version of his remarks from last week’s Beyond Broadcast conference at the Berkman Center.  The major takeaway, in Ethan’s words: “[T]he vast majority of digital community tools aren’t new. Many are very, very old, older than many of […]

Denying Reality in the NSA Controversy

An Associated Press story this morning discussed various strands of the controversy surrounding the alleged National Security Agency program to collect and analyze domestic telephone records, which was first revealed last week by USA Today. The resulting confusion and speculation suggest that the government’s policy of official obliqueness is doing more harm than good. The […]

Soft Filtering

A large part of the power of Internet filtering regimes comes from overlapping methods of control. China, for example, requires Web site owners to register with the Ministry of Information Industry, blocks Web traffic to prohibited sites at its network backbone, and forces blog providers to censor postings with sensitive keywords. The state is also […]