New York Times Election Map

The New York Times web site does not have a great track record with capitalizing on the interactive aspects of the web. One especially preposterous example is the seemingly random robotic creation of irrelevant or absurdly broad hyperlinks in stories (like, “Virginia was the home of Thomas Jefferson“) — which generally connect only to searches of Times content, usually requiring payment. Ugh.

So I was skeptical when I saw that the Times has just rolled out an interactive election map for this fall’s races. After all, very good resources doing much the same thing already existed (like this one that I used a lot during the run-up to the 2004 presidential race). I did not think the Times web site was likely to do a better job.

Except they did. It is very easy to use, and packed with data, and (at least for now) quite up-to-date. Check it out if you are interested in politics — but I warn you that it looks like a horrendous time suck.

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