What Are Canadian Consumers Getting for their Blank CD-R Fees?

I’ve been sidelined lately by a flu bug that also hit several other professors and students here at Cincinnati. In consequence, I am a few days late posting about this item, which summarizes the findings of a new survey of Canadian consumers about the price of recordable storage media. According to the linked news item, […]

One Web Day on September 22

A celebration of the internet called One Web Day will take place in various spots all over the world on September 22. The event is the brainchild of the indomitable Susan Crawford, who explains more here. She has such a positive outlook about the virtues and the potential of this medium, despite the many legal […]

Fences, Holes, and Wrestling with Microsoft’s DRM

I’ve been doing battle with Microsoft’s Windows XP Activation. The experience has nearly pushed me to follow Tim’s lead and move to Gentoo Linux, and has certainly made me nostalgic for MacOS. In a larger sense, it’s made me think about how DRM can be counterproductive. As a hobby, I like tinkering with computers. My […]