Congratulations “First Movers”

Berkman geek emeritus Luis Villa has joined the writing staff at First Movers, a new law student group blog. Here’s his introductory post. Luis brings a little geographic diversity to a cadre of writers that has, until now, been a little top-heavy with Minnesotans (which is not to say that Minnesotans themselves aren’t pretty clever). The postings to date at First Movers reflect the authors’ above-average interest in intellectual property and cyber issues, and readers of Info/Law may find much of interest on First Movers, although it’s not a narrowly focused IP/cyber blog by any means. Worth a look.

3 Responses to “Congratulations “First Movers””

  1. Tim, I am glad you acknowledge the innate cleverness of Minnesotans. Although they proved it themselves by being smart enough to team up with Luis.

  2. Well, I could hardly have said otherwise; my mom was born and raised in Minneapolis, and the Halvorson side of my family in Minnesota still includes many hardy descendants of marauding Norsemen whom it would be prudent not to anger. 🙂

  3. Thanks, guys. Now I just have to tear myself away from my own first classes long enough to post something substantive 😉