Federal Circuit and Teleflex in “Obvious” Trouble?

In my former life, I spent ten years as a litigator, the bulk of it as a Supreme Court and appellate specialist. Experienced practitioners will generally warn you about reading too much into the statements that appellate judges make at oral argument as a basis for predicting how they’re going to rule in a case. […]

Welcome to Legal History Blog

Mary Dudziak, a law professor at USC specializing in legal history, has launched Legal History Blog.  Seems like a great addition to the ever-growing ranks of law professor blogs.

Judge Posner in Second Life

Move over, Duran Duran. Step aside, Mark Warner. The newest real-world individual to adopt an avatar and speak to the virtual world of Second Life will be none other than the Honorable Richard Posner, whom I describe to my civil procedure students as the most influential American judge not on the Supreme Court since Learned […]