Judge Posner in Second Life

Move over, Duran Duran. Step aside, Mark Warner. The newest real-world individual to adopt an avatar and speak to the virtual world of Second Life will be none other than the Honorable Richard Posner, whom I describe to my civil procedure students as the most influential American judge not on the Supreme Court since Learned Hand. I have been a bit of a Second Life skeptic in the past, but this could be a hoot (as we sometimes say here in Minnesota).

Not that the man is a newcomer to info/law. For Judge Posner’s blog, see here. For an open searchable database of every opinion by Judge Posner, see here.

Hat tips to BoingBoing and PrawfsBlawg.

2 Responses to “Judge Posner in Second Life”

  1. In fairness, I think you should tell your civil procedure students that in between Learned Hand and Richard Posner there were Henry Friendly and John Minor Wisdom, both frequently mentioned as appellate jurists whose opinions were comparable in influence to those of the Supreme Court. 🙂

  2. Ah, Tim, spoken like a good and loyal former John Minor Wisdom clerk!!!

    It’s something of which you rightly should be proud. Indeed, he was a great judge. We actually started the whole course with a great opinion by him. There are other judges you could have nominated too.

    But I will stick to my characterization that Posner is the most influential since Hand, whether or not you always agree with him. Posner has written so much heavily-cited stuff, on so many topics, both on and off the bench, that I think it’s hard to compare anybody to him.