Law & Tech Theory “Mobblog”

Super-bloggers Jim Chen and Frank Pasquale have teamed up, along with Gaia Bernstein and a bunch of other legal scholars, to start a new blogging experiment called Law & Technology Theory. Let Frank explain it:

[We] wanted to create a new forum for discussing the ideas Gaia discussed above — one more open and participatory than the average academic conference, but a bit more focused than the average blog. So we gradually decided to have a blog that would focus on a series of “speakers” seriatim, with each taking “center stage” for a different week. That schedule appears on the right hand side.

The speaker will have an opportunity to post a paper, and/or to explain their ideas in a series of blog posts. Anyone can post any time, but there will be a focus on the speaker’s ideas. Perhaps the closest analog is the “mobblog“–the University of Chicago Faculty Blawg recently hosted a very successful one on Sprigman & Raustiala’s piece “The Piracy Paradox.”

Jim’s ever-growing Jurisdynamics Blog Empire, of which this new experiment is a part, continues to generate fascinating content at an astonishing rate. It all sounds enticing — though it is definitely getting tougher to keep reading all the good blogs!

One Response to “Law & Tech Theory “Mobblog””

  1. THanks for the shout-out! It’s nice to have this opportunity to reflect on the possibility of drawing general theories about law & tech regulation from past experience.