Google and the Celestial Library

Wayne State University Law School is hosting a forum to discuss Google’s project to scan books into digital form.  We’re fortunate to have three great panelists: Oren Bracha, Hannibal Travis, and Diane Zimmerman.  The forum, established in honor of WSU alumnus Eugene Driker, begins at 5:30PM on March 8 with coffee, and the fireworks begin at 6. If you’re in Detroit, I urge you to attend – this is one of the hottest issues in intellectual property right now. (Apologies to Paul Goldstein for blatant infringement of his title.)

4 Responses to “Google and the Celestial Library”

  1. What a great panel! Will this be podcast?

  2. Frank, I’m working on it! My current best answer is, “I hope so.” I’ll update this post as I learn more – thanks for asking. Hope all’s well…

  3. Google had already scanned a lot of libraries!

  4. […] The Webcast of Google In Court: Copyright and the Universal Library is now available from Wayne State University Law School’s Web site.  (You need RealPlayer to open the file.)  The event was a huge success; Professors Oren Bracha, Hannibal Travis, and Diane Zimmerman gave thoughtful presentations on Google’s copyright issues, and we had a spirited discussion afterwards.  It helped me understand far better both the stakes and the legal ramifications of this fight. […]