Korea Follows China’s Lead on Filtering

China, with its eye on the 2008 Olympics and the associated press coverage, has moved to tighten (further) its already strict on-line content controls (note this article ups the standard “30,000 Internet police figure” – inflation?). China is perhaps the world’s most adept on-line censor; now, they’re filtering LiveJournal (again) and shutting off the flow of licenses to new cybercafes. President Hu Jintao prioritized Internet control in an address to the Political Bureau of the CCP’s Central Committee, and the country is clearly implementing that directive. The interesting question will be how China deals with the explosion of blog and on-line content that will occur in 2008 at the Beijing Games. My guess is that the country will ratchet up its filtering and monitoring efforts well ahead of time, and will simultaneously try to limit access in realspace for curious bloggers, journalists, and other ne’er-do-wells.

Korea has announced it will take measures to filter porn. Porn is always the thin edge of the wedge – it’s easy to justify blocking adult or obscene material. The problem is that filtering is tempting – so easy to spread into other material that irritates enforcers, or their political leaders

Update: For anyone who considers filtering a relatively fool-proof method, consider whether Yahoo! should be blocked

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