Yochai Benkler to Join Harvard Faculty, Berkman Center

Harvard Law School‘s recent faculty hiring spree seems to be paying off! Although there has been no formal announcement as yet, the Berkman Fellows mailing list has been abuzz with the news that Yale’s Yochai Benkler has accepted an offer to join the HLS faculty and the Berkman Center (where David W and Doc have […]

Upcoming Events on Info Law and the University

I guess summer is the time for academics to take a step back and engage in some productive self-assessment (as distinguished from “increased navel-gazing,” which surely happens as well). Two upcoming events typify that sort of valuable self-assessment as it pertains to the university and info/law: 1. The Berkman Center at Harvard is sponsoring the […]

How “Moral Rights” Plays Across the Pond

Interesting, if fairly lightweight, piece in the NYT today about a new French lawsuit over the staging of a play in a manner that conflicts with the desires of the deceased playwright. From this, the article jumps into a quick sketch of the droit moral, or doctrine of “moral rights,” which is one of the […]

DeCSS Legal in Finland, Says Trial Court

From Ars Technica: Finland court: Breaking “ineffective” copy protection is permissible. But is it still un-Islamic? UPDATE:  Professor Felten has more.

Dmitry: From Perp to Pitchman?

There was no escaping Ask.com yesterday — they ran a full-page ad in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and probably several other papers to boot, captioned: The Algorithm Sees the Internet the Way Dmitry Sklyarov Sees a Poorly Encrypted DRM File. That made for an interesting (and, to me at least, eye-catching) […]

New Law on Paying the Price for Identity Theft

Our local newspaper, the St. Paul Pioneer Press, quoted me briefly at the end of a story about a freshly-passed Minnesota law concerning credit cards and identity theft. When a security breach involving credit card data is the fault of a retailer rather than the issuer of the card, the “Plastic Card Security Act” shifts […]

Using Disney Characters to Teach Fair Use

This clever video stitches together tiny snippets from more than two dozen Disney films in a ten-minute primer on the basics of federal copyright law and the fair use doctrine. The one-clip-per-spoken-word style is a little jarring and hard to follow at first (well, it was for me, at least), but you will become acclimated […]

The Brady Law, Privacy, and the Bat-Computer

Sorry for my blogging absence — I am grading. (It would be easier if I used this technique, but I don’t.) I’ve wanted for a while to post something about proposals to improve the database used to conduct background checks for gun purchases under the Brady Law. Last month’s tragic shootings at Virginia Tech demonstrated […]

U.S. Copyright Office: Limit Betamax to Its Facts

Ars Technica is featuring an excerpt from an interview with Marybeth Peters, the Register of Copyrights here in the United States. Assuming that the reported quotations are substantively correct and that they accurately reflect the views of the Copyright Office, it appears that the Copyright Office has adopted an exceedingly narrow reading of the Supreme […]

Jerry Falwell and Info/Law

The passing of the Reverend Jerry Falwell will no doubt be a cause for sincere mourning among a set of individuals that, as it happens, does not include me. But on the principle that the three of us can find an Info/Law angle on practically anything (from the Super Bowl to baby naming to perfume […]