My Prolific Colleague’s New Blog

Jacob Katz Cogan, my friend and colleague here at the University of Cincinnati, has launched a new blog: the International Law Reporter, which already features 14 19 posts in the first 72 hours of its existence (indeed, at the rate he is going, he has probably added three more posts in the time it has taken me to type this). Jacob’s model is Larry Solum’s Legal Theory Blog, intermixing personal observations, short-form scholarship, and reviews of new and noteworthy literature in Jacob’s fields of public and private international law.

Jacob’s addition brings the number of law professor bloggers here at UC up to five, including myself; distinguished public servant Mark Godsey (CrimProf Blog); Weaver Institute Director Betsy Malloy (HealthLawProf Blog); and the inimitable dean of the legal blogosphere, Paul Caron (TaxProf Blog and MoneyLaw). What is interesting about that statistic is that, according to Dan Solove’s most recent census of law professor bloggers, UC now has more blogging professors than many institutions with much larger law faculties — our total of five ties us with Michigan and surpasses Texas and that other school up I-71, with four apiece. Not that I am suggesting that the proportion of law faculty bloggers per capita should be taken into account in the U.S. News rankings (although why not? It’s as informative as many of their actual statistics and more so than some), but for those of us who study and work in the cyber arena, it’s always a positive development when more faculty begin to engage actively with the net as a new communications medium. Jacob is the latest to cross the line from information consumer to information producer, and his new blog is well worth a look.

UPDATE: Jacob reminds me that I overlooked our colleague Barbara Black (Securities Law Prof Blog) in my count! That makes 6 blogging profs at UC Law — just one more and we’d have 25% of the full-time faculty. 🙂

2 Responses to “My Prolific Colleague’s New Blog”

  1. Just to add my two cents (in case anyone in the know is reading this), as a law student at UC, one of the things that attracted me to the school is the bloggers from UC. Of course, when I started there weren’t as many as there are now, but proportionally I am fairly sure that it has remained the same relative to other schools. The reasons why I appreciated the fact that there were so many professor bloggers were multitude, but there were definitely Firstly, as a software engineer coming to law school, the thought of a collection of luddite law professors trying to teach me about the law was not appetizing. Therefore, the fact that so many law professors at UC were embracing this new medium was a fantastic sign. Also, a preview of what was interesting to the professors at the school I was considering attending was really a great insight into the world I was about to enter. Anyhow, just so its out there, from a student’s perspective, the number of bloggers at UC is just fantastic.

    Now, all those UC law bloggers need to team up and try to get a few more UC law profs to blog (I suggest Professors Gely and Steinman, both would be excellent additions to the UC law commentary ;)) Come on, invite em to take a guest spot for a limited time at your blogs, they will see the light 🙂

  2. 17 posts in 3 days — not bad. Especially on a weighty subject. A grad student myself, and just discovered the joys of blogging. The best aspect is interacting with other professors in law and medicine through the posts- it certainly fosters a discussion you sometimes wouldn’t have otherwise.