Using Disney Characters to Teach Fair Use

This clever video stitches together tiny snippets from more than two dozen Disney films in a ten-minute primer on the basics of federal copyright law and the fair use doctrine. The one-clip-per-spoken-word style is a little jarring and hard to follow at first (well, it was for me, at least), but you will become acclimated to it soon enough (it sometimes takes a few minutes before I can reliably follow the dialogue in British movies where the characters have very thick accents, too).

Watch it before it gets DMCA’ed!

One Response to “Using Disney Characters to Teach Fair Use”

  1. The concept is interesting, but it really shouldn’t take ten minutes to explain how copyright, fair use, and the public domain work.

    I can’t imagine the long hours the author of this video must have put in to find all the words stitched together in this video. But perhaps a two minute video with a bit more text would have been more bearable than hearing three utterances of the word “right” repeated a hundred times over the course of 10 minutes.