Scott McLeod’s CALI Keynote

I’m at UNLV attending the 17th CALI Conference on law school computing, which is being attended by lots of library and IT types, with a few faculty members scattered into the mix. (More an “info” conference than a “law” conference, but there are a number of scheduled panel discussions and presentations that aim to bridge […]

Video Games with a Message

In a sure sign that gaming has moved closer to the center of the media universe, a number of nonprofit advocacy groups have devoted significant effort to creating online games that promote their messages. I’ve been hearing this assertion for a while — and a quick web search uncovers MSM coverage (such as this) of […]

Technical Difficulties (Please Stand By)

We have heard from a number of readers about problems viewing the blog — particularly, it seems, on the new Internet Explorer 7. (Yet another strike against restrictive and metadata-searching Vista…) There is a major upgrade coming soon on the Harvard blog server run by the Berkman Center, which graciously continues to host this blog […]