Teaching Non-Lawyers

In the last few days I’ve been at two gigs involving teaching about law to non-lawyers. It is an eye-opening and highly recommended experience. Last week I was on the faculty of the annual Summer Doctoral Programme sponsored by the Oxford Internet Institute and this year hosted in the U.S. by the Berkman Center at […]

Sex, Laws, and Videotape (Genarlow Wilson Edition)

Genarlow Wilson, you may recall, is the young man sentenced to a 10-year mandatory sentence in Georgia for occurrences at a wild hotel room New Year’s Eve party with other high schoolers when he was 17 years old. He was acquitted of raping a 17-year-old girl who said that she was intoxicated and that her […]

Foxes, Hedgehogs, and Splitting Babies

Larry Solum takes an interesting continuing cross-blog discussion of foxes and hedgehogs started by Belle Lettre in a new direction by pointing out, politely, that the fox/hedgehog imagery is being used incorrectly. Go read Larry’s explanation, and then be sure to stay around for his delightful integration of the refined definition back into the discussion.It […]

Copyright Term Extension as a Partisan Issue

Given my interest in Info/law and in British politics, I cannot ignore this post from Bill Patry. David Cameron, the Leader of Britain’s Tory Party, delivered a speech to the annual meeting of the UK recording industry trade group last week in which he committed his party to a 20-year extension of the copyright term […]


[Cross-posted at Concurring Opinions] This morning, vindication! When a long New York Times investigative piece says exactly what you have been saying for a long time, it feels very good. So it is with this morning’s thumbsucker [reg/$$ req’d] about the ridiculous overzealousness and misunderstanding of HIPAA by health care professionals. HIPAA is the Clinton-era […]

Piercing the Veil of Anonymous Bloggers

[Cross-posted at Concurring Opinions.] Brian Leiter notes this news story about a South Korean law which has just taken effect, requiring large web sites to obtain real names and the equivalent of Social Security numbers from everyone who posts content. He compares this approach to that taken in the US where, he says, “there exist […]

Guest-Blogging at Concurring Opinions

I will be guest-blogging over at Concurring Opinions, a really great law-professor blog on a wide range of topics, for the month of July.  I will continue to cross-post most of my entries here too — at least those relevant to Info/Law — but I invite our readers to check out Concurring Opinions too.  The […]