Well, Someone at Nixon Peabody Isn’t a Winner…

There has been extensive commentary and derision around the legal blogosphere about a preposterous corporate song commissioned by the law firm of Nixon Peabody, and then the firm’s subsequent efforts to threaten those who mocked it with IP saber-rattling. David Lat first posted the song, and here he summarizes the ensuing flapdoodle. A very funny person with some spare time made a remix, which allows you both to hear the song in all its cheesy glory and read commentary about the dispute. REALLY, DON’T MISS IT!

Thanks to the superimposed commentary, this is sufficiently transformative that I am almost sure it is fair use under Campbell v. Acuff-Rose Music. I agree with Mike Madison’s comment that Lat is on shakier fair use ground for just copying the whole song and putting it up as an object of mockery. But, as this video makes clear in its final frames, even these goofballs supposedly realized that just because you have a claim doesn’t mean you should pursue it. At least they aren’t suing the Red Cross

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