Amazon’s On-Again, Off-Again “One-Click” Patent Off Again

nbsp;‘s controversial patent for “one-click shopping” has failed the latest test in its ongoing reexamination proceeding. Responding to the BPAI’s request for a more definite statement of reasons for rejecting the patent, a USPTO examiner last week issued a new order rejecting the patent for want of novelty. You can read more here, here, and even here, although it’s necessary to take some of the comments with a very large grain of salt — the examiner’s order isn’t the end of the line for Amazon by any means. Still, we may be one step closer to the day when I must choose a different example for my Intro to IP students on why State Street Bank has been such an important and controversial decision.

One Response to “Amazon’s On-Again, Off-Again “One-Click” Patent Off Again”

  1. I have a hard time believing that Amazon has any right to that patent (based on the fact that I’ve seen this type of service on 100s of ecommerce sites)