Off the Bus in NYT

The ultimate MSM outlet, the New York Times, took a look today at Off the Bus, a still-new venture supported by the Huffington Post that is trying to harness the unruly but potentially powerful forces of crowdsourced reporting to cover the 2008 election campaign. Among their many advantages, they have Berkman alum Amanda Michel on their side. Worth checking out both the NYT story and Off the Bus.

One Response to “Off the Bus in NYT”

  1. Have you read some of the posts at Off The Bus, written by a newbie—Jeanine Molloff? Instead of harping on Spitzer getting caught with a hooker–this lady is talking about holding the politicians accountable—especially in terms of civil rights restoration. She’s ‘unusual’ but definitely worth a read. Read the post about the “Dems Silence on Civil Liberties. I think it was posted the 23rd of February.