Wall Street Journal to Go Free Online

The cycle is now complete. More proof that I was wrong. It was noteworthy when NBC and The New York Times and The Daily Show each made significant content available online for free, believing that advertising was a more profitable way to exploit online distribution than subscription fees or pay-per-view. Now it looks like the […]

Legal Threats Database Launched

The Citizen Media Law Project has launched what looks like it could be a fantastic new resource: the Legal Threats Database. They plan to chronicle “lawsuits, cease & desist letters, subpoenas, and other legal threats directed at those who engage in online speech” and allow users to “view, search, and comment on entries in the […]

More Thoughts on Facebook’s “Social Ads”

My post from yesterday on Facebook’s Social Ads program got picked up by bloggers at the New York Times and CNet, so I’ve heard some more feedback than usual. Here’s a few more thoughts on the issue in response to themes emerging from the conversation:

Facebook Inserting Users Into Ads

Dan Solove at Concurring Opinions has some quite sensible concerns about Facebook’s new advertising program — specifically, that it may violate privacy law. I think he’s right, and then some… In short, the new program allows corporations to set up Facebook pages where visitors who take certain actions can thereby trigger the sending of a […]

Study of Edit Impacts and Vandalism in Wikipedia

Computer science researchers here at the University of Minnesota recently published this paper using some new metrics to analyze Wikipedia. From the abstract: Wikipedia‚Äôs brilliance and curse is that any user can edit any of the encyclopedia entries. We introduce the notion of the impact of an edit, measured by the number of times the […]

Reputation Economies Symposium at Yale

On December 8th I’ll have the privilege of speaking alongside many smart people at a symposium put on by the Information Society Project at Yale Law School. The title is Reputation Economies in Cyberspace. The topic could hardly be more timely. Admission to the day-long event, sponsored by Microsoft, is available to the public — […]