Wall Street Journal to Go Free Online

The cycle is now complete. More proof that I was wrong. It was noteworthy when NBC and The New York Times and The Daily Show each made significant content available online for free, believing that advertising was a more profitable way to exploit online distribution than subscription fees or pay-per-view. Now it looks like the granddaddy of all paid sites, The Wall Street Journal will do the same. The Journal was among the earliest major newspapers to embrace the online subscription model and also among those most strongly committed to it. Apparently soon-to-be owner Rupert Murdoch views the future differently.

Once again, it’s great news for open access to high-quality journalism, and perhaps troubling news for online privacy.

2 Responses to “Wall Street Journal to Go Free Online”

  1. And here I was thinking all that Daily Show footage just landed online to aid Viacom in its litigation with YouTube. Maybe I’m just cynical here . . .

  2. I called the WSJ yesterday (the 15th) to cancel my print subscription – mainly because of delivery issues, but happened to mention to the rep that I’d seen this news and she was all about denying it.

    Of course, I’ve seen it all over the place in the last 24 hours – think they should tell the reps about these announcements?