AT&T: Safe, But Mocked

Works in more places… I suppose the fake place name would be NSFrancisPying. (Hat tip to an anonymous friend!) The Supreme Court declined to hear an appeal of the Sixth Circuit’s ruling that the plaintiffs in the NSA suit here in Michigan lacked standing. The hard part, of course, is it’s extremely difficult to prove […]

How Drunk Can You Be and Still Drive a Supertanker?

Pretty drunk, apparently. The key issue is whether you’ll drive it well, or instead plow into a reef and spill millions of gallons of oil into a fragile ecosystem. My friend and colleague Colette Routel has written an amicus brief on the Exxon case (that’s the Exxon Valdez case). She’s also explained the case to […]

IP Foolishness Infecting Political Coverage

Continuing our proud tradition here at Info/Law of mercilessly spotlighting journalistic cluenessness in matters of intellectual property (all with the best of intentions! right, guys? …guys?), here’s today’s morsel, from “Inside Higher Ed”: Does Clinton Have a Copyright Problem?. The accusation: Senator Clinton has appeared in front of big campaign banners reading “Solutions for America,” […]

The Perils of Winter Conferences

I’m stuck at CVG, waiting for my repeatedly rescheduled flight to Des Moines for Peter Yu‘s 2008 IP Scholars Roundtable. (The weather’s been bad here, and all the outbound Des Moines flights between my originally scheduled one last night and right now have been canceled). If I eventually do make it, it will be the […]

Cyber/IP Law Prof Larry Lessig Mulling a Run for Congress

Stanford law professor Larry Lessig, a co-founder of Harvard’s Berkman Center for Internet & Society and an author of many influential works in the domain of cyberlaw and intellectual property, announced today that he is thinking of running for Congress to fill the seat recently opened by the death of Rep. Tom Lantos. More (although […]

Congressman From Hollywood to Yield His Chair

Ars Technica has reported that a chain reaction resulting from the death of Congressman Tom Lantos may mark a significant improvement in the line-up of chairmanships influential on Info/Law issues. (It may seem a bit ghoulish to speculate on the spoils right after the death of a great legislator like Lantos, a towering figure in […]

Notes on Ubuntu – But Does Anyone Care?

At Lotusphere 2008, IBM announced that Lotus Notes 8.5 will run on Ubuntu Linux 7.0. This shows IBM’s ongoing commitment to Linux – even on the desktop. And any Linux desktop users help IBM in its ongoing competition with Microsoft. (Domino, the server side to Notes, runs on virtually everything. I remember testing it on […]

Proudly, the Icebox of the Nation

In a development that got a lot of press around here, the town of International Falls, Minnesota, way up on the Canadian border, secured registration of the trademark for the slogan “Icebox of the Nation.” The town had allowed the registration to lapse, and their old archenemies in Fraser, Colorado, near Denver, tried to register […]

NYT Fouls Up Fair Use

I start most mornings, especially on weekends, by reading the New York Times. In my household, I get made fun of for reading the Business section first (that’s where the tech stories reside). Sometimes that can be a bad idea, like today, when I read the story on the Harry Potter lawsuit and began yelling […]

Bleg: Feminism and Other Legal Theories in Cyberspace

I’m working up a syllabus for an Internet Law-type course for next year. Since I’m a geek, not a legal theorist, I’m a bit short on the overarching theoretical approaches to the course. (What I mean is that I’ve got plenty of stuff by Yochai Benkler, Terry Fisher, Jonathan Zittrain, John Palfrey, Mary Rundle, etc., […]