Notes on Ubuntu – But Does Anyone Care?

At Lotusphere 2008, IBM announced that Lotus Notes 8.5 will run on Ubuntu Linux 7.0. This shows IBM’s ongoing commitment to Linux – even on the desktop. And any Linux desktop users help IBM in its ongoing competition with Microsoft. (Domino, the server side to Notes, runs on virtually everything. I remember testing it on OS/2. This brings back a feeling that can be described only as the opposite of nostalgia.)

The question: do Linux folks care? Do Notes proponents care? Even Linus Torvalds is a skeptic about Linux on the desktop. (Sorry, Tim!)

4 Responses to “Notes on Ubuntu – But Does Anyone Care?”

  1. IBM seems to have a policy of supporting Lotus-branded products on Linux (Symphony is another) whether there is really a need for them or not. An article in the current Linux Journal (presently available to subscribers only, insert obligatory grumbling about open access and the irony of a Linux-specific publication being behind the NYT here) makes the seemingly obvious point: why would anybody use Symphony, which is based on version 1 of the OpenOffice source code, when you could just use version 2 of OpenOffice itself instead?

  2. For many years I had to have two machines on my desktop, one being my lovely, slick, linux laptop, the other being a junker PC which had only one purpose – to use notes and make use of all the silly notes databases big companies develop for micromanaging your time. SO, had I not jumped out that rat race and gone to law school, this news might have been really big for me. But as it stands, its about 7 years too late for my needs!

    Heh, OS/2… ahead of its time 😉

  3. Tim: I think Lotus is trying to position Symphony for bundling. This is their 3rd or 4th version of these little office-app components; I spent time trying to convince people to use the Java versions at an IBM conference in Las Vegas back in 1999. I like the idea, but the beta version of Symphony doesn’t run that well on my machine yet. Still, props to IBM for its Linux support, even if it is self-interested…

    Chris: great choice on the career path! I did the same thing, with the added bonus of, technically, being laid off from Lotus to boot. We had a theory at Lotus: when you form a new team / project / group, the first thing you do is put up a Notes db for it, thereby (over time) leading to a proliferation of orphaned databases on one’s servers. (Probably works like orphaned blogs, now.) But I still happily use Notes for project management and the like…

  4. Never had a chance to use notes, but I have been using linux desktop for the better part of 4 years as my primary desktop at work. I’m very happy with its progress as major players such as Sun and IBM have contributed to foss projects such as open office and mysql…. errr read contribute as bought and branded… I’m really excited about multimedia making larger inroads into the Linux Desktop. Yesterday I completely recorded and published a song on Ardour, a foss DAW.

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