Hannah Montana Bill Advances

The Minnesota State House has passed the “Hannah Montana bill”, 119-12. The proposed legislation, which I discussed last month, bans software that jumps the queue at Ticketmaster and other sites that sell event tickets. The state Senate passed a slightly different version of the bill easrlier this month, and now must consider the House changes.

4 Responses to “Hannah Montana Bill Advances”

  1. If this law has passed, why have all the illegal sites once more been able to buy all the tickets for Neil Diamond in July? This is so unbelievably frustrating!
    Ordinary people like me cannot afford the “rape site” prices. How is the law going to be enforced? Why are they still doing it? With all the money they’re raking in I cannot help but believe fining them will be a joke.
    Someone needs to do something to stop this practice.
    Thank you for listening – it does no good to vent, but maybe if enough of us do, it may help somehow.

  2. The Governor signed the bill today. Up to now, the legislative process was not complete. It will be interesting to see now whether it has any impact…

  3. […] UPDATE: The Minnesota bill has now become law. […]

  4. Why do they force laws on people that are non-binding? How does one enforce this?