5 Favorite Non-Law Blogs

I often find these chain-letter memes annoying, but this one is on such a valuable topic I am happy to participate: Mike Madison tags me to name five favorite non-legal blogs. It’s hard to pick just five, and some of my favorites are so obscure that I won’t subject you to them. But here goes:

The Fix: I am an extreme political junkie and I have a giant folder of links to related blogs. But Chris Cillizzas’s thoughtful analysis is the best general-interest national political blog. This time of year I visit several times daily. (Here locally there is a rich collection of independent, meaning non-MSM, political blogs, including MNPublius, Minnesota Campaign Report, and the usually wrong but often interesting Minnesota Democrats Exposed.)

My Heart’s in Accra: Ethan Zuckerman, the co-founder of Global Voices Online (another great blog) and a fellow at the Berkman Center, writes lovely prose about computers and the internet, the developing world and particularly Africa, life in the Berkshire Mountains, and the links between them all.

The Current Music Blog: One of the great things about the Twin Cities is the very high quality of public radio here. Minnesota Public Radio boasts three excellent stations here, including an especially good news station, a classical music outlet, and The Current, an eclectic mix of popular contemporary music, leaning mostly toward “alternative rock” but also extending to jazz, hip hop, folk, and some unclassifiable stuff. It’s all selected by the DJs rather than corporate executives at Clear Channel. And they have figured out, more than most radio stations, how to integrate their audio content with online content, as this blog demonstrates. (You can also click to listen at the top of the page even if you are not privileged enough to live in Minnesota…)

New York Observer Daily: As a displaced New Yorker I regularly used to read the Observer‘s snarky coverage of the city’s political, media, fashion, and publishing worlds long before there were blogs. I still subscribe, but blog-sized tidbits often make an even better forum for this sort of news. Plus, not coincidentally, my brother Tom is an editor there.

Unit Structures: At the moment I am writing about social networking in general and Facebook in particular, so I rely on a number of blogs that focus on aspects of this complex subculture, including Allfacebook, Inside Facebook, Terra Nova, and Apophenia. But I am highlighting this blog by Fred Stutzman for its thoughtful analysis, readable and concise posts, and just-right combination of explaining context for newcomers without boring veterans. I strive for that in my blogging, and sometimes succeed, but Fred does better.

(Check out some other lists of 5 in this meme from Frank Pasquale, Mike Madison, and Ann Bartow.)

I am now supposed to tag five other legal bloggers to further broaden our horizons past the law. I’ll start with my co-bloggers here, Derek Bambauer and Tim Armstrong. Then how about Jim Chen, Christine Hurt, and Susan Scafidi?

By the way, this is the 400th post on Info/Law, quite a milestone for something that started as a lark. Thanks for reading, for your patience when real life makes posting too infrequent, and for your thoughtful comments. I hope you enjoy some of these selections to use even more of your time reading other interesting blogs.

4 Responses to “5 Favorite Non-Law Blogs”

  1. “the usually wrong but often interesting”…wow, that’s a ringing endorsement! I am very proud of Minnesota Democrats Exposed and I pride myself on having one of the most accurate and truthful blogs in the entire blogsphere. Since you wrote that I am “usually wrong”, I assume you have examples.

  2. Mr. Brodkorb:

    I like your blog. That is why I linked to it as an example of the vibrant political dialogue in Minnesota . But I happen to be a Democrat and I frequently disagree with you. (Also, your belligerent tone can sometimes become grating, as this comment exemplifies.) So please just take this genuine praise as it is intended, identifying your blog as one that people interested in Minnesota politics should read and consider, even when they disagree.

  3. Thanks for the kind words, Bill! And right back at Info/Law, you all are doing great work here.

  4. (1)Tim’s Take- The blog of Project Runway’s sublime Tim Gunn.
    (2) The Ausiello Files- Micheal Ausiello of Entertainment Weekly offers the best television news and gossip.
    (3) Jack and Jill Politics- A unique view on politics from the world of the black upper middle class.
    (4) alafairburke.com– My good friend (and law prof/author), Alafair Burke, blogs about her latest book (Angel’s Tip), politics, life in New York, and her adorable French bull dog, Duffer.
    (5) Bossip- I am embarrassed to admit that I log into this gossip blog almost everyday (try not to judge me too harshly).