Is Facebook Beacon Gone?

[Important UPDATES below]

I just looked at Facebook’s privacy settings to remind myself how to opt out of the Beacon feature for the article I am writing about social marketing. Amidst the redesign and snappy new home page, it appears the tab I described earlier this month is now gone. Has Facebook quietly pulled the plug on Beacon? And if so, is Facebook Connect effectively its replacement?

UPDATE: The Inside Facebook blog noticed the same thing and asked the same question last week. And one of the commenters there noted that the old Facebook pages, in the old layout, are still available at different URLs than the new ones (here is the old Beacon page). It strengthens my suspicion that Facebook is using the site redesign to try to put Beacon down the corporate memory hole.

UPDATE 2: Aha! They moved the Beacon opt-out to the Privacy>Applications page. That’s why I (and others) couldn’t find it. But as Michael Zimmer reports, be very careful how you click that radio button!

5 Responses to “Is Facebook Beacon Gone?”

  1. i don’t think its gone, i still get messages wheveer i procrastinate on kongregate that i have to cancle popping up “sending to facebook ali played x on” message

  2. Strange — I wonder what happened to the opt-out in the privacy settings. Has it just been moved in the redesign? If so I can’t find it.

  3. Bill, I’m still seeing a setting for Facebook Beacon in my privacy settings. I’m also still seeing third-party websites making calls to Beacon. But as I think of it, it has been a long time since I’ve seen a Beacon item show up in my newsfeed. -Fred

  4. Fred: I assume you’ve been moved to the new site layout by now?

    If so, very mysterious. The privacy setting used to be under “news feed and wall.” Now there are just two tabs there, one for actions within Facebook and one for appearing in friends’ Social Ads. There used to be another tab for “actions at external web sites.”

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