This Might Convince Me to Buy an iPhone

Lifehacker and CNET point out that IBM is releasing an “Ultralite” version of iNotes — a way of accessing your Lotus Domino (= Notes server) e-mail, contacts, and calendar from an Apple iPhone. This is cool, and a nice addition (competitor) to the current POP / IMAP options for iPhone. I’ve held off on buying an iPhone over concerns about the speed of data transfer and an unwillingness to migrate to Apple’s services (MobileMe, I’m frowning at you!), but this might change the equation.

I remain a huge Lotus Notes fan – primarily for its security and reliability. Of course, I use Notes at a school with an Exchange infrastructure, and root for the Red Sox in a city split between the Yankees and Mets. Up next: I endorse Ralph Nader for the iconoclast trifecta.

3 Responses to “This Might Convince Me to Buy an iPhone”

  1. Hey Professor Bambaur, I hope New York is treating you well. I made the jump to the iPhone in August and it’s been great. Truly an addicting device. I don’t use MobileMe but Exchange still syncs up my email and calendar without problems.


  2. Hey Tim! It’s great to hear from you. How are things going? The iPhone sounds great from all reports – how is it as a phone? Can you talk into it without feeling like you’re talking into a waffle?

    This wave of Exchange use is truly disturbing. Have we all become so blase about viruses???

    Have a great afternoon!

  3. Derek: Will Android support your Lotus applications? Or might someone offer such an extension for Android? If that’s possible, maybe you should wait a couple of months and see how that rolls out? I, too, have held off on iPhone and now am inclined to see what the early adopters think of Android.

    Yes, Google makes me uncomfortable on privacy grounds, but Apple makes me uncomfortable on open-platform and generativity grounds. (The fact that Zittrrain said on Facebook that he got an iPhone should be some comfort on the latter grounds, I suppose…)