Offer Advice to Obama’s CTO

President-Elect Obama said during the election that he would appoint a chief technology officer to bring 21st century thinking to the White House. (This is not to be confused with the position of “intellectual property czar” recently created by Congress.)

The Obama campaign was more comfortable with new technology than any past presidential candidacy. But there is reason to wonder how that will translate into governance. The transition team’s “,” for example, has slicker design than most bureaucracy web sites, but it’s nowhere near as interactive as the campaign’s web site.

One effort to create two-way communication with the incoming administration is a new site called Obama CTO, which uses a Digg-like voting system and discussion board to advance ideas for the as-yet-unnamed CTO. If you are interested in Info/Law issues (and really, why are you on this blog if not?), take a moment to sign in and vote for ideas there.

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