Facebook Retreats … Again

I blogged yesterday about the controversy surrounding Facebook’s new terms of service. This morning when I logged in to Facebook (I should note that I use it just about every day), there was a big banner message announcing that the company was returning to its old terms of service, pending their total redrafting. And the […]

“Fair Circumvention” Published

Hot on the heels of Bill’s new trademark piece, I’m happy to announce that my new article on the DMCA, which has been available in electronic form for quite a while, is now available in ink-and-pulp format as well, 74 Brook. L. Rev. 1 (2008). As of this writing, it hasn’t yet been posted on […]

NPR Interview on New Facebook TOS

Over the weekend the Consumerist blog started a bit of a cyberstorm when it pointed out that recent revisions to the Facebook terms of service removed a provision that used to say all Facebook’s rights to your content terminated if you deleted your account. I was interviewed about it today on NPR’s All Things Considered, […]