Talking Open Source in Cincinnati

I’ll be speaking on Monday at the Cincinnati Intellectual Property Law Association‘s first annual seminar on the open source phenomenon (with a current focus on open source software that I hope will begin to abate in future iterations of the seminar). More important, I’ll be avidly listening: there are some dynamite speakers and topics on the agenda. Bona fide Open Source guru Bruce Perens is delivering the keynote, and there will be presentations on the GPL, the DMCA, and information security, among other topics. Even if (perhaps especially if) you don’t stay long enough for me to bore you with my thoughts on the termination of OSS-type licenses under the Copyright Act, it should be an outstanding event. Organizational kudos go to CincyIP’s incoming President, Ria Schalnat, who is also slated to join us here at UC Law as an adjunct faculty member this fall.

One Response to “Talking Open Source in Cincinnati”

  1. It’s really the best time to move open source to the new level! Please update your blog with some notes from the conference, very interesting to know.