Follow CFP 2009 Live

You can follow along with Computers, Freedom, and Privacy 2009 (“Creating the Future”) even if you’re not here in DC (where the weather is surprisingly lovely for June): via Twitter at Tweezup, the CFP blog, and streaming video. The Filtering panel, which also now includes Catherine Crump from the ACLU and Nicole Wong from Google, […]

China Blocks Popular Web Services

China has blocked Flickr, Hotmail, Twitter, MSN Spaces, Bing, and YouTube among other services. Hmm, I wonder why that could be? Commentary from Danwei and coverage from Reuters, the Register, and Fox News. Update 11:45PM 3 June: Danwei has more details, including a link to a spreadsheet that’s purportedly tracking blocked sites.


Bronxnet has a video up of a show on cyber-harassment where I get to talk about the topic. (No, I did not give a “how-to” tutorial. I charge for that sort of thing.) This has become a vexing issue legally, from the Megan Meier / Lori Drew tragedy to the AutoAdmit case. I’d love your […]