Tenenbaum Liable for Copyright Infringement

Update [31 July 6:50PM]: $22,500 per work; $675,000 total. More than I expected. Props to Wendy Seltzer and Mark Lemley for the update. Link is to Ben Sheffner’s write-up in Ars Technica… The judge in the copyright infringement lawsuit against Joel Tenenbaum has issued a directed verdict on the issue of infringement liability. The only […]

@LibelGirl: Call yr atty ASAP

In an astonishing overreaction, Horizon Realty Group, a large Chicago landlord, has filed a defamation lawsuit against a former tenant, Amanda Bonnen, over this tweet sent on her (now defunct) Twitter account: @JessB123 You should just come anyway. Who said sleeping in a moldy apartment was bad for you? Horizon realty thinks it’s ok. Assuming […]

Fair Use Out in Tenenbaum Case

Copyrights and Campaigns has the breaking story. Wow. My initial take is that the outcome is correct – fair use just doesn’t cover what Tenenbaum did – but I need to read the summary judgment order for a more thoughtful analysis. This is fascinating stuff.

NYLS Launches Google Book Settlement Wiki

James Grimmelmann and a team of students at New York Law School have launched an elaborate web site called “The Public Index” to facilitate conversation about the proposed settlement of the Google Book litigation. As the site’s home page explains: Here, you can browse and annotate the proposed settlement, section-by-section. … In addition, you can: […]

Truth in Comics

XKCD has one up that’s painfully funny because it’s true…

Zittrain Warns of the Cloud

Jonathan Zittrain expands on the themes in his must-read book this morning in a must-read New York Times op-ed about the shift toward cloud computing. A taste of the main point: [T]he most difficult challenge — both to grasp and to solve — of the cloud is its effect on our freedom to innovate. The […]

Canadian Privacy Commissioner: Facebook Violates National Law

The Privacy Commissioner of Canada, a federal regulator responsible for overseeing compliance with that country’s broad data protection statute, has issued a long-awaited report on Facebook’s privacy practices. The investigation was triggered by a formal complaint filed by students at the University of Ontario’s cyberlaw clinic. The result is a comprehensive and sophisticated analysis that […]

Cool Job for a Bioethics Guru

My school, the University of Minnesota, is seeking applicants for a very cool job that mixes expertise in law, policy, technology, medicine, and ethics. You can check out the full job announcement; a taste follows: The Associate Director of Research & Education for the Consortium on Law and Values in Health, Environment & the Life […]

Passwords and Post-Its

Bruce Schneier links to a paper from HotSec that argues strong passwords accomplish little; instead, stronger user IDs and limits on log-in attempts are better solutions. (Implicit in this argument is that dictionary or guessing attacks are lower-priority threats than phishing or keyloggers.) And John Kelly of the Washington Post bemoans the standard yet brain-dead […]

Tip for Trademark Infringers

If your car is loaded with thousands of knockoff jewels and handbags, it’s advisable to obey basic traffic laws. At 4:30AM, police are more likely to notice traffic violations. As a side note, it’s endless fun to see the wealth of IP infringement that New York City produces. Counterfeit DVDs, fake handbags, unlicensed Michael Jackson […]