Egypt Goes Off the Net

Last night, Egypt severed its connections with the wider Internet. (Coverage from the New York Times and Global Voices, for example, and see coverage of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s remarks.) There are at least two worrisome implications of this move. First, Egyptian protesters are using the Net to coordinate, and to keep in touch […]

WikiLeaks and Archiving Information

I’m on a panel discussion tonight about WikiLeaks and the Archives & Records Profession; it’s taking place at the Center for Jewish History at 5:30PM. Come by if you can! Details below. [Update: I suggested that perhaps the U.S. government could simply treat WikiLeaks as outsourced archiving. Unwise, perhaps, in an audience of archivists.] Please […]

Legal Thuggery, or Law as Transaction Cost

(Via JZ) BoingBoing has a neat, infuriating post about a ridiculous takedown threat they received over a post about autism. The threat-0-gram is from The Academic Advantage, by way of their personal injury legal wizards (Lazar, Akiva, & Yagoubzadeh). There are two great things about this. First, the BoingBoing post isn’t even about Academic Advantage: […]

Easterbrook was wrong

There is such thing as Law of the Horse. Lessig 1, Easterbrook 0!