Hacking Bloomberg Law

I had a fun podcast interview with Spencer Mazyck of Bloomberg Law about this summer’s wave of hacking. We talk about who hacks and why, what companies can do about it (treat it like disaster planning), and whether we need to worry about cyberwar. Good fun. I botched the story about Robert Mueller slightly: he […]

500 Billion Reasons Why A Little Knowledge Is A Dangerous Thing

Eric Goldman points to a highly enjoyable filing by one David Stebbins against Google, claiming he has won an arbitration award of, wait for it, $500 billion. Even with the tax cuts still in effect, I assume that the government’s cut of this award will help the deficit a good deal. How did Stebbins win […]

The Emerging “IP is All About Jobs” Meme

In a time when unemployment seems to be stuck above nine percent, it’s not surprising that the debate over practically every public policy proposal seems to begin with the question, how will it affect jobs? Sometimes, as with government stimulus spending, the question makes sense: if we inject $X into the economy, Y jobs will […]

Trademark Homesteading

I was quoted in a story in the newest ABA Journal — the lawyers’ club newsletter, essentially — discussing the fight over the term “urban homesteading.” The phrase refers to a sustainability movement of folks who try to raise and grow their own food and rely on alternative energy and other environmentally-oriented practices. This is […]