Ben Stein and the ABA’s Facepalm

The American Bar Association is kicking off its 2012 tech show with an address by… Ben Stein. Yes, who better to celebrate the march of technological progress and innovation than a leading defender of intelligent design? Who better to celebrate rigorous intellectual discourse than a man who misquotes Darwin and fakes speeches to college audiences?

This is a pretty embarrassing misstep. The ABA is irrelevant in the IP / tech world, and this facepalm is a nice microcosm of why. (Wait, what is the ABA relevant to? Now that’s a hard question.) We geeks don’t like it when you dis science. Thanks anyway, ABA – maybe you should stick to having your judicial recommendations ignored.

Hat tip: health law expert Margo Kaplan.

Update: I found the perfect keynote speaker for ABA’s 2013 TechShow: Marshall Hall!

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5 Responses to “Ben Stein and the ABA’s Facepalm”

  1. What, was Orly Taitz booked? I bet if they looked harder they could have found an even worse representative for the legal profession, like maybe the $65M pants judge.

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  3. Perhaps they should have booked some legal information technology specialist who could explain how we will all someday be able to appear via hologram in our adversary’s office with digital replicas of all relevant evidence and legal precedent at our fingertips. But that would be greeted by the audience with a yawn, because lawyers in actual practice know that the case still wouldn’t settle till the eve of trial.

    Practicing law is primarily about bargaining; information is simply something that can be sought, used, and abused in a bargaining game. Much of the “rigorous intellectual discourse” peddled about legal information technology is, from the perspective of experienced lawyers, no more credible than listening to someone babble about creationism. Ben Stein, at least, has a sense of humor and doesn’t take himself too seriously.

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  5. Can the shameless be embarrassed? The ABA has become a joke, but not for the reasons you imagine.