Maps As Commons

Slashdot pointed me to a debate over the relative accuracy and comprehensiveness of TomTom‘s map data, versus that of OpenStreetMap. TomTom is a proprietary system; OpenStreetMap is licensed under CC Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0, and permits users to add data in wiki fashion. TomTom claims its maps are more comprehensive and reliable. An OSM supporter claims that […]

Support Open Access to Government-Funded Science

I encourage everyone to sign a petition that asks the administration of President Obama to mandate that publicly-funded scientific research results be available to the public, over the Internet. Here are details: Text: WE PETITION THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION TO: REQUIRE FREE ACCESS OVER THE INTERNET TO SCIENTIFIC JOURNAL ARTICLES ARISING FROM TAXPAYER-FUNDED RESEARCH We believe […]

HuffPo, Drugs, Dogs

Jane has an article up on Huffington Post exploring privacy intuitions about police use of new technologies in light of the Jardines case. It’s a great read, and reinforces my conviction not to drive around with snausages in my trunk.

The Obama Administration and Chutzpah

I’ve posted a new essay, titled Chutzpah, to SSRN. It’s forthcoming in the peer-reviewed Journal of National Security Law and Policy. Here’s the abstract: President Barack Obama campaigned on a platform of governmental transparency. This Essay examines how his administration has implemented this commitment in two policy areas: Internet communication, and intellectual property. It finds […]

Dogs, Drugs, Bombs, and Math

Jane Yakowitz has a great essay on privacy intuitions and the gravitational effect of the war on drugs up at the Stanford Law Review Online. The picture of the dog is pretty cute, too…

When Cybersecurity Makes Things Worse

Adam Dachis has an interesting and worrisome post up at Lifehacker. (Disclosure: he kindly asked me for input into the post.) It thinks about a post-CISPA world, where privacy exists only at the behest of companies who hold our information. CISPA would immunize these firms for sharing information with the federal government, so long as […]