Blog Post Series: Products and the First Amendment

For the last two years, I have been researching and writing about information law in the service of product health and safety regulations. This includes advertising restrictions, mandated disclosure rules, and research regulations. I have not had the chance to pull my various projects together until now. Over the next five days, I will summarize my work and thoughts about the following:

Product-Defining Speech

Free Speech in the Fog of Scientific Uncertainty

Free Speech and Anti-Knowledge

Promoting Good Science Without Censorship

Assessing the Value of Mandated Informational Disclosures

The Unscientific First Amendment

(Links will become available as the posts are published.)

For those who want to skip straight to the law review articles (and God bless you if you actually exist), here are some links:

Snake Oil

A Bad Education

Are Privacy Policies Informational or Ideological?

The Empirical First Amendment

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