Prof. Michael Risch on “Paths or Fences”

Professor Michael Risch, of Villanova (congrats Wildcats, BTW!), has a review of “Paths or Fences: Patents, Copyrights, and the Constitution” up at Written Description. “Well-reasoned” is about the nicest thing one can possibly say about an article, and the rest of the review is similarly generous, thoughtful, and thought-provoking. Prof. Risch is also a frequent […]

Reasons I’ll Be Fired

An anonymous student at BLS has started a great blog, You Can Wordify Anything If You Just Verb It. It collects the more… interesting… things said by both profs and students. I’m already spending significant cycles trying to guess the provenance of some of these quotes. Given that certain of them mention Internet Law, I […]

Water Wars

My friend and colleague Noah Hall has just launched an excellent new blog that examines water law, with a particular focus on the Great Lakes. What’s he discussing? Fights over bottled water, the challenges of climate change, pending Supreme Court cases – all great stuff. Noah’s one of the leading experts on water law, as […]