Unsend! Unsend!

As Dan Solove notes at Concurring Opinions, Google’s Gmail service now offers an “unsend” feature: you have a grace period of five seconds after you click “Send” to think better of it. I have to look at the Gmail code to be sure, but I’d guess that Gmail simply waits to do the HTTP POST […]

Oh My God, They Killed Copyright!

OK, it’s a weak title, but I needed the South Park allusion. When I was at Lotus, one of the plums was being selected to go to Lotusphere, the annual confab at the Walt Disney Swan and Dolphin resorts in Florida. I went twice (once as podium slave, once as presenter), and loved it for […]

This Might Convince Me to Buy an iPhone

Lifehacker and CNET point out that IBM is releasing an “Ultralite” version of iNotes — a way of accessing your Lotus Domino (= Notes server) e-mail, contacts, and calendar from an Apple iPhone. This is cool, and a nice addition (competitor) to the current POP / IMAP options for iPhone. I’ve held off on buying […]

Loose E-mail, Fast E-mail

(With apologies to Melville) The Wall Street Journal notes a career-enhancing moment by an executive at Carat International, who sent an e-mail with confidential information about restructuring (= large-scale firings) to the entire firm, rather than the (more limited) intended recipients. Fortunately, Carat’s IT department managed to “pull back” the message (known to geeks as […]

Notes on Ubuntu – But Does Anyone Care?

At Lotusphere 2008, IBM announced that Lotus Notes 8.5 will run on Ubuntu Linux 7.0. This shows IBM’s ongoing commitment to Linux – even on the desktop. And any Linux desktop users help IBM in its ongoing competition with Microsoft. (Domino, the server side to Notes, runs on virtually everything. I remember testing it on […]

Trademarks, Resurrected

My former employer Lotus has (re)-launched Symphony, an office applications suite that competes with Microsoft Office. (Yes, I know this is like sending Elmo to take on Darth Vader.) Symphony uses Open Document Format, an open standard for application files. The fun part is that this is the sequel to Symphony – the original, released […]

How Not to Be A Spammer

Simple: don’t send unsolicited e-mail, right? It’s more complex than that. Kelly Jackson Higgins at Dark Reading has a list of suggestions / rules on how not to be labeled as a bad actor. Some are easy: when someone asks not to receive messages anymore, unsubscribe them! Some are more complex: make sure you don’t […]

The Virtues of Inefficiency

One of the Internet’s chief virtues is inefficiency. “Best effort” packet routing – as Jonathan Zittrain describes it, the “bucket brigade” where each link in the network tries to pass packets to the next hop, but without guarantees – is less efficient than a protocol that seeks to guarantee transmission and thereby minimizes bandwidth used […]

Noting Adoption of ODF

IBM announced that the next version of Lotus Notes (minimally clever code name “Hannover“) will support the Open Document Format (ODF) by embedding OpenOffice components into the Notes client. This will allow users to save documents (word processing, spreadsheets, e-mail messages, etc.) in a portable, open format. It also sounds like Notes / Domino will […]