James Cavallaro, Clinical Professor and Executive Director of the Human Rights Program, on his winter term class in Costa Rica

“Over January term, I was in San José, Costa Rica, teaching a course on the doctrine and practice of the Inter-American Human Rights System with my colleague Stephanie Brewer (JD ’07).  The course is designed to expose students to the legal and practical elements of the inter-American system.  We chose San José, Costa Rica because it is the seat of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights.  This location allows us to bring stakeholders—including judges, attorneys for parties, for the Court, the Commission—into the classroom.  It allows for a much deeper understanding of the dynamics of the Commission and the Court, as well as their impact in Latin America.   It’s total immersion.  I think the students really enjoyed it.  Plus, I don’t think they were too upset about missing the wave of storms that hit the Northeast.”