Chayes Fellow Jodie Liu ’15 on working with the Open Society Justice Initiative, Hungary

“My time here as OSJI has been really rewarding. I’ve been putting a lot of work into an amicus brief for a freedom of expression case pending before the Argentinean Supreme Court on the liability of Internet search engines for third party violations. The Argentinean Supreme Court considers case precedent from many different countries, so I’ve been doing legal research in at least five languages. Although I have several other projects going on as well, this one has really stood out so far — it’s been really fascinating to see how international freedom of expression law has been developing in different jurisdictions as the capabilities of the Internet become increasingly expansive. 

Budapest is beautifully varied. There are some key places I haven’t visited yet, though, so my next few weekends will be busy.”

Jodie is one of 23 HLS students working this summer in 18 countries under the auspices of the Chayes International Public Service Fellowship. Please visit our Chayes Fellowship page to learn more!