Library exhibit: F.Y. Chang HLS Graduation Centennial 

As part of its 50th anniversary celebrations this fall, East Asian Legal Studies has curated a library exhibit honoring the centennial of the HLS graduation of Fu-yun Chang (张福运) (1890-1983), a noted educator, diplomat, statesmen, and art collector.

According to the HLS Library website,

After graduating from Harvard College in 1914, [Chang] became the first Boxer Indemnity Scholar to graduate from Harvard Law School in 1917. He went on to become China’s first Director General of the National Customs Administration and led to the achievement of China’s tariff autonomy from foreign government control. The F.Y. Chang HLS Graduation Centennial Exhibit presents key moments from his life and work, offering a glimpse into a particular time in world history, the history of China and the United States, and of Harvard Law School. As the East Asian Legal Studies program celebrates its first five decades during the HLS Bicentennial year, this exhibit also serves as a reminder of the extraordinary contributions our alumni and scholars from East Asia and beyond have made to this institution and to the world.

The exhibit, in the Areeda Hall entrance to the library, will be on view through October.