Exchange Student Reunions in Paris and Geneva

A semester at HLS tends to bring people together, as evidenced by the recent reunions of fall 2013 HLS exchange students. In February, Geneva-based students Ursina Menn (University of Geneva) joined Duy-Lam Nguyen (Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies) in visiting Sciences Po students Roxane Best, Florentin Juillet, Babaka Tracy Mputu, and Malik Touanssa in Paris: “It was not only the ideal moment to help all of us to overcome our HLS post-depression, but also to learn more about our friends’ academic curricula and their day-to-day life in Paris. They showed us their home university and told us about their current internships at law firms or courts. It was lovely to be guided through Paris by our friends and to discover many new things (such as delicious food), places, and museums!”

Roxanne, Ursina, and Lam in Paris. Photo courtesy of Ursina Menn.

Roxane Best, Ursina Menn, and Lam Nguyen in Paris. Photo courtesy of Ursina Menn.

March brought visits to Geneva by both Roxane and Malik. As Malik’s visit coincided with more temperate weather, Marlena Wisniak, Ursina, and Lam added a hike to the Creux du Van to their Geneva tour.

Hiking the Cruex du Vent. Photo courtesy of Ursina Menn.

Hiking the Creux du Van. Photo courtesy of Duy-Lam Nguyen.

And it looks like more reunions are in the works, according to Ursina: “The experience of spending an extraordinary semester at HLS as exchange students, where we always could count on each other for support, is an experience that truly bonded us together. We will hold on carefully to and treasure these new friendships and do our utmost to stay in contact. I’ve heard a trip to Brazil is already being planned! Thank you, HLS!”

Meet the 2014 Chayes Fellows

Twenty-two Harvard Law School students have been awarded the 2014 Chayes International Public Service Fellowship this summer. They are working abroad in Cambodia, Colombia, France, India, Israel, Italy, Mexico, the Netherlands, Peru, the Philippines, South Africa, Switzerland, and Uganda, as well as in Washington, DC. Please click here to read brief biographies and descriptions of their summer placements.

Chayes Fellow Dean Rosenberg ’15, on working with the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, France

“My internship at the Council of Europe in Strasbourg, France, has been going great. The city is small but very beautiful (a kind of cross between French and German architecture, culture and food). There are a number of other interns here from different European countries so it’s also been a fantastic opportunity to meet with people from different backgrounds who share similar interests.

The work so far has been extremely interesting. I’ve been focusing primarily on two resolutions that the Parliamentary Assembly is planning on introducing and their accompanying explanatory reports: one on the independence of the European Court of Human Rights and the other on the accountability of international organizations for human rights violations. I’ve been doing research (including from academic journals, previous reports prepared by the Council, other international organizations and NGOs and from speaking to people with experience on the Court) and have been working on refining my writing to suit what is at its core a political document. My supervisor is extremely knowledgeable with more than 20 years of experience at the Council and has been great at providing for time for lunches with the interns to discuss our work, receive feedback as well as discuss our future plans etc.

The most interesting experience I’ve had here so far was probably the sitting of the Parliamentary Assembly last week. The week was quite chaotic, given the need for the assembly to sit, as well as for meetings of the various parliamentary committees (including the Committee of Legal Affairs and Human Rights which I’m working for) and of political groupings, as well as side meetings with NGOs etc. I got the chance to sit in on a number of committee meetings on a range of often controversial issues, including human rights in Morocco, the situation of Russian lawyers in the North Caucasus (a session that included testimony from a number of the lawyers themselves) and the treatment of whistleblowers.

Beyond work I’ve also had the chance to do some travelling in the area, including to Luxembourg, Paris, Geneva and this weekend to the South of France to see family.”

Dean is one of 23 HLS students working this summer in 18 countries under the auspices of the Chayes International Public Service Fellowship. Please visit our Chayes Fellowship page to learn more!

Applications for fall 2013 semester abroad are due February 15

A reminder that Friday, February 15 is the deadline for J.D. students to submit an application to spend the fall 2013 semester abroad. HLS has formal exchange programs in Australia, Brazil, Chile, China, France, Japan, South Africa, South Korea and Switzerland; J.D students may also conduct an independent semester abroad at law schools throughout the world.

For detailed information and application instructions, visit the semester abroad pages on our web site.

HLS welcomes spring-term exchange students

spring exchange students

Left to right: Yuji, Henri, Alex, Valia and Ida.

Please join us in welcoming (and welcoming back) the eight students from HLS’ exchange partner schools who are currently studying here. Five of them arrived last week, to spend spring term continuing their research:

  • Stavroula Valia Babis (Valia) is a student from the University of Cambridge. Her thesis work is on proposed legal frameworks for supervision, crisis management, and resolution of international banking groups.
  • Henri Decoeur is also from the University of Cambridge. His dissertation examines possible criminal justice responses to state-organized crime. 
  • Alexandra Evans (Alex) is a student from Sydney Law School. Her thesis evaluates the current model of trust taxation in Australia.
  • Yuji Fujioka is visiting from the University of Tokyo. His research focuses on international taxation and the taxation of business entities in Japan.
  • Da Hea Lee (Ida) is from Seoul National University. Her dissertation looks at labor law and the human rights of migrant workers.

They join three more exchange students (not pictured) who are spending the fall and spring semesters at HLS:

  • Delphine Dogot is visiting from Sciences Po in Paris. Her research focuses on the way in which international lawyers respond to changing patterns of war in the general context of globalization.
  • Charles-Henry Frouart is also from Sciences Po. His research focuses on deconstructing and analyzing classical definitions of the legal concept of public domain in patent law.
  • Adil Khan is a student from the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva. His research project examines the the making of international law pertaining to indigenous peoples.

Although this year’s incoming exchange students all happen to be doctoral students, our exchange programs are open to J.D. and S.J.D. students at HLS and pre-doctoral and doctoral-level students from our foreign partners. HLS J.D students may also conduct an independent semester abroad at law schools throughout the world.

Want to learn more? Visit the semester abroad and HLS-University of Cambridge joint degree program pages on our web site. (Applications to spend a semester abroad next fall are due by February 15.)