My Religion, My Vision


Peace on you all.

I have been a Muslim all of my life. I love the religion of Islam. I love the melodic verses of the Qur’an when I hear them recited. I love the narratives of the Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) extraordinary examples of generosity and kindness, which made wonderful bedtime stories for me when I was a child. And I still find so much beauty in this religion. There is so much we as Muslims can share with each other, and so much we might share with all of humanity.

It is with this ideal of mutual contribution in mind that I want to open rhetorical spaces for discussion of Islamic legal ideas and interpretations. I understand that the idea of an open rhetorical space where even lay Muslims will engage with interpretation of Islam departs from some traditions that have historically prevailed in the Islamic community. Little by little, I want to engage with those concerns. Piece by piece, I want to build this vision together.

I don’t think it will happen overnight, nor do I want it to. What I have in mind is not an end goal. It is a process. Over the course of several posts, I hope we’ll uncover together new ways to use online media to allow lay Muslims, Islamic Scholars, and the broader community to engage issues of Islamic law and Islamic society. This is an open process, and one I have faith will be fruitful.

I look forward to receiving all of your comments and feedback. Even more so, I look forward to your participation in the many experiments I hope we’ll have the courage to undertake.

Tawfiq Ali

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