Choosing the Media


Peace on you all,

I have a tough decision in front of me, and invite your feedback. I presented my project, in its seedling stages, to the CyberOne class at Harvard Law School earlier this week. The video of that presentation can be found here.

The feedback and excitement I received from the class was quite encouraging, yet I am still unsure what media would be best for our project. Let me offer some suggestions.

Blog: I would be more than happy to open up this blog or another blogspace as a place to post topics of discussion on issues of Islamic ethics and law. Participants could then use the comments function to add their voices, and debated and engage one another.

Chat: We could develop a chat forum on a separate site devoted to discussion of Islamic legal and ethical issues.

Online forum: What if we just used a conventional online forum where participants could post issues and discussions could follow in threads?
Second Life: We could hold a convention of sorts in Second Life, or some other online virtual world to bring together multiple perspectives on issues of Islamic law and ethics.

Wiki: There are many possibilities for Wiki, where topics could be discussed in the form of a forum where participants just edit the page by adding their two cents. The best potential for Wiki is as a tool for collaboration. One of my colleagues suggested using Wiki to develop an Islamic constitution.

I invite your feedback.


Tawfiq Ali

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