Harvard Law School Justice Hackathon 2018 | Hauser Hall

Jacob Khan presentation to judges at Harvard Law School Justice Hackathon 2018.  The slides identify and propose a technological solution to preditory lending.

Justice Hackathon

Developers, project managers, tech enthusiasts, law enthusiasts, and justice-minded citizens from the Harvard and MIT communities focus on developing (both technical and non-technical) solutions to problems that HLS Clinics face. HLS Clinics provide free legal services to people who could not otherwise afford or access legal services. The hackathon is co-sponsored by Developing Justice, the Harvard Law and Technology Society, and the Legal Services Center. The hackathon will be judged by MIT professor and MacArthur Fellow Eric Demaine.

About Jacob Khan

Jacob Khan is an A.L.B. Candidate at Harvard University studying Business Administration & Management in Extension Studies class of 2021. Jacob is a student member of the Harvard Business School Association of Boston and the Harvard Alumni Entrepreneurs. Jacob has an interest in leadership and management and is spending his summer interning at a search fund as a Private Equity Analyst.

During the regular semester, Jacob Khan works as an Equity Research Analyst at Harvard Business School for an M.B.A. Professor of Finance. Last semester Jacob was a Senior Investment Research Analyst at the Harvard Financial Analyst Club.

Jacob Khan at Harvard Club of Boston
Jacob Khan at Harvard Club of Boston

Jacob Khan at Harvard Club of Boston

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For more information, visit: https://about.me/jacobkhan/

Read more: http://www.digitaljournal.com/pr/4731966#ixzz6RKCwwA3B


Harvard Law school clinic presentation

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