Citizenship in a Democracy Expos Essay 19 March 2018


Jacob Khan Expos 20 essay on Citizenship in a democracy.






About Jacob Khan


Jacob Khan is a Graduate student at Harvard University studying Management and leadership. Jacob is a student member of the Harvard Business School Association of Boston and the Harvard Alumni Entrepreneurs. Jacob has an interest in leadership and management and is spending his summer interning at a search fund as a Private Equity Analyst. During the regular semester, Jacob Khan works as an Equity Research Analyst at Harvard Business School for an MBA Professor of Finance. Last semester Jacob was a Senior Investment Research Analyst at the Harvard Financial Analyst Club.


Jacob Khan completed the JPMorgan Chase investment banking virtual experience, Citi Investment banking, APAC Virtual Experience, and Goldman Sachs Engineering virtual experience in 2020.

Jacob Khan at Cabot Library (Harvard University)

Jacob Khan at Cabot Library (Harvard University)

(Jacob Khan in Cambridge Massachusetts 02138)

Jacob Khan’s infographic resume:

Jacob Khan infographic resume Harvard 

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Jacob Khan infographic resume Harvard

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