DrainVac Central Vacuums: A Brief History


A Brief History of Drainvac

It all began with Conrad Sevigny’s carpet cleaning service. While he was cleaning carpet one day he realized that the dirty water being collected had to be emptied each time it filled up. He wanted to make an easier way of getting the job done.

In 1980 Mr. Sevigny went to work on a prototype, the “portable draining machine”.  The process was a simple one, he placed an extractor tank over a toilet bowl and hoses were attached to a faucet and the unit itself. This process took the dirty water from cleaning the carpets and then was sent to the tank. Once the tank was full, the water was automatically drained into the sewer system. This process made carpet cleaning much simpler and faster.

With this Conrad Sevigny founded Drainvac in 1982, the small family business in Saint-Hyacinthe, Canada, quickly grew into the enterprise it is today. In 1985 the first Automatk model was marketed which helped grow his business even more. By this time he acquires several services vans for servicing and installing units.

Drainvac obtains numerous retailers in North America and an impressive distribution network in over 20 countries worldwide. The small family owned business grew into a huge manufacturer. By 2007 Drainvac celebrates its 25 anniversary and at this time now have 70 retailers in Quebec (Canada) and a distributor network across more than 20 countries. To this day Drainvac continues to grow and offers a large range of central vacuum systems (wet or dry) for commercial and residential uses.

The Drainvac Difference 

With innovation Drainvac designed and developed the first vacuum cleaning system with a patented automatic drain “Automatik” model. This virtually maintenance free system picks up solids as well as liquids. The Automatik models are bagless and never have to be emptied because all the dirt and waste is drained into the sewer system.

Along with the Automatik models Drainvac offers a large selection of products. Models range from compact or large capacity, with bagged or bagless options, and conventional or designed for picking up liquids. Drainvac also offers specialized units for residential use and different types of industries which includes: car washes, hotels, restaurants, industrial environments, etc.

The Drainvac brand offers ingenuity, creativity, innovation, and professionalism. With over 35 years in service the in-depth knowledge, experience and passion combined to offer the most complete and best performing systems in the market today. Drainvac is a Quebec company with a vision for the future with global concern for the environment and sustainable development, resulting in many recovering and recycling measures.

DrainVac Most Popular Central Vacuum Models

DrainVac Little Giant – (Small to Mid-sized Homes) – 670 Air watts – 25 year motor / Lifetime Canister
DrainVac Powerhouse – (Medium Sized Homes) – 790 Air watts – 25 year motor / Lifetime Canister
DrainVac Viper *BEST VALUE*– (Large Homes) 860 Air Watts – 25 year motor / Lifetime Canister
DrainVac Turbo DUAL MOTOR – (Large Homes) 900 Air Watts – 25 year motor / Lifetime Canister

DrainVac Twin Turbo – 240-Volt DUAL MOTOR – (Very Large Homes) 1436 Air watts – 25 year motor / Lifetime Canister

Why Purchase a DrainVac Central Vacuum System? 

Top of the line advanced vortex tangential Domel motors, improved air watts, water lift, filtration, longer warranty, easier to clean, the best bang for your buck. DrainVac central vacuum power units now feature studio-quality acoustic sound-suppressing foam inside the canister to reduce the decibel level while the vacuum is on. The power unit is constructed of a polypropylene material with an unbelievable thickness 0.312″ of an inch or 5/16″ or 8mm thick, which make’s it THE thickest and toughest unit of it’s kind! This material also reduces noise when compared to metal-canister central vacuums, which rattle and vibrate when operating. Some models are as quiet as 56 decibels, making DrainVac power units some of the quietest central vacuum systems in the industry! Backed by a pure 100% lifetime warranty.
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Miele Vacuums


The History of Miele Vacuums

The History of Miele Vacuums started in July of 1899 when Carl Miele and Reinhard Zinkann signed a contract that aimed to establish Miele & Cie., a factory for making cream separators. The company obtained an old saw and corn mill in the community of Herzebrock near Gutersloh and started manufacturing cream separators with a workforce of 11 employees. They produced cream separators from 1899 to 1909 before the Meteor butter churn was added to the range in 1909. These butter churns reduced the work load on farms, mainly for the farmer’s wives.

In 1903, the Model A washing machine was invented by Miele &Cie. It featured a lid mounted agitator that facilitates quiet operation. The agitator was designed with a flyweight which perpetuates motion and made it easier to move than a simple lever.

Miele’s first washing machine with its own electric motor goes on sale in 1910. The same motor also produced power for the washing machines wringer. So far, encouraged by their huge success, Carl and Reinhard ventured into the production of cars between 1912 and 1914. Just after they released 143 cars they soon abandoned the car business due to large-scale capital investments needed.

In 1914 before the First World War, Miele introduced its first water powered washing machine.  They came up with the idea for a water powered washing machine because water is cheaper than using electricity and the water could be used again for rinsing. They did however invent a third model that featured an electric motor that could be plugged into a domestic power socket.

During the war in 1915 Miele adds hand carts to their production line. These carts were such a success they continued to produce them into 1950. Due to Miele’s quality of products they offered a 10-year warranty upon customers’ requests. By 1921 Miele focuses on advertising efforts by conveying a clear profile of the brand with easily understood information in the quest for a unique identity.



In 1924 Miele finally expands the factory in Bielefeld and begins the production of bicycles. Shortly after the production of bicycles Miele develops the first coal and gas powered washing machines. These large capacity machines were designed for the use in laundry facilities in hotels, hospitals, and so on. Along with these washing machines, Miele produces a large spin dyer to match.

By 1930 Miele introduces the first canister vacuum in the shape of a torpedo known as the model L. This shape is still common in the industry today. These canister vacuums offered an attachment for gentle carpet cleaning, rubber bumpers, and a back lite casing.

Miele didn’t stop there, in 1932 the Miele Company decided to fit their bicycles with motors. These were produced for older people, doctors, foresters, vicars, and postmen. The motorized bicycle brings welcome relief for the people who widely travel in rural areas.

In 1924 the canister vacuum reaches its highest volume of sales. New advanced models emerged with simple operation and more affordable prices supported by comprehensive advertising that resulted in the rapid sales growth. By 1936 along with the canister vacuums Miele’s bicycle sales continued at a rapid pace. They added a broad range of children’s bikes and cargo bikes offering something for everyone.

“Mum does it with Miele”

In 1950 the washing machine changes its shape and become rectangular. This makes it easy to fit into homes rather than being used in an outhouse or basement. In 1953 a front loading washing machine No.307 is the first to feature a porthole door.  While the production of two-wheelers peaks in the mid 1950’s. With this success mopeds, motorized bicycles, and motorbikes they are produced in ever increasing numbers. In the 1950’s Miele came up to with a new slogan “Mum does it with Miele” the result was astounding. With that they were selling more than 100,000 vacuum cleaners every year.

By the 1960’s the production of two-wheelers slowly came to a halt. Throughout the 1960’s Miele focused on household appliances such as vacuums, washers, dryers, dishwashers, etc. Miele tries to gain access to industrial establishments and hospitals and supply them with washers. They produced models G 17 OP to clean surgical instruments, the G 18 thermal disinfector for disinfecting hospitals, and the G 19 to clean laboratory glassware.


In the 1970’s there was a facelift to the Miele canister vacuums with models S180, S200, and the S204. These models features 1000 watts as well as electronically controlled suction power. The mid 1970’s brings a new generation of built in ranges. For the first time, the construction of appliances is coordinated with kitchen cabinetry. By 1977 the microwave era begins. Miele introduces the M690 microwave which was initially a countertop but later they came out with a built in option.

A new generation of computerized washing machines hit the market in 1981. Benefits of the new machines increased load capacity, faster spin speed, and environmentally friendly due to energy saving programs. Miele continues to improve their advertising for all their products. In 1987 a new Miele museum is opened. As the oldest washing machine manufacturer in the Federal Republic of Germany Miele offers a history lesson on the development of washing machines.

In 1993 Miele brings a fully automatic distribution center is opened. The supply chain offers computer operated storage system for more than 100,000 domestic appliances. At this time cooking is faster with ultra-fast heating pots and pans saving time and ultimate power control. Miele also takes steps toward manufacturing fitted kitchens. Customers can now order their kitchens in any color they desire.

Miele washing machines turned 100 in 2001 and revolutionized laundry care by introducing the patented Mile honeycomb drum. At the TexCare trade show, Miele presented the new generation of washer extractor and tumble dyers. These machines offer large capacities and are available in a variety of versions. The washer extractors and tumble dryers are awarded multiple design prizes. Miele is known for its exceptionally gentle laundry care.

From 2004-2009 Miele perfected the household vacuum cleaner. They are designed with every type of household in mind. The Miele vacuums are easily maneuverable and equipped with convenient features, powerful operations. Each Miele vacuum cleaner has its own charm.

Miele has continued to revolutionize the appliances industry throughout the years. Miele offers convenient, economical, environmentally friendly designs. In 2010 Miele celebrates 90 years of commercial technology. Since 1924 Miele has been devolving and manufacturing commercial machines for laundries. Twenty first century innovations still emanate from the same traditions as the very first Miele machines.






Reasons for Choosing the Miele Brand

Miele’s proven motto “You can Trust Miele and Rely on our Appliances” has lasted for more than 100 years. Miele is the only manufacture in its industry to test all of their products to the equivalent of 20 years of use. This is why Miele customers stay with Miele products and recommend the products to others.  That is the Miele Quality!

The key to Miele’s wealth of inventive features is the standard for excellence combined with the lowest possible energy use. This also includes Miele’s hygienic and gentle care for your laundry, flooring, and everything else in between.

Whether a Miele offers a classic rotary control, a sensor, or a high resolution touch display operating a Miele is effortless and pleasant.  Miele makes life much easier with its convenient and reliable features. Along with Miele’s features, the design line and color options Miele believes in clean lines and endless sophistication. Nowhere else will you find such high quality appliances to suit the most diverse of interior designs. Miele is always the perfect match.

Miele’s brand in many countries is the most wanted brand in its industry. Miele was voted “Best Brand Ever” in its hometown market in Germany across all products they produce. Miele’s customers have high confidence for the performance and environmental friendliness of their domestic products. Miele customers are able to recognize quality and style. Since being founded in 1899 Miele has followed its “Immer Besser (Forever Better)” brand promise. Miele strives to be better than they already are. For the customers this means peace of mind of knowing a Miele is a good decision.

2020 Miele is stronger than ever.

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Give Your Miami Website a Tune-up With Effective SEO


Give Your Miami Website a Tune-up With Effective SEO

As a business owner, you probably know that a business website with no web traffic is as useless as a bricks-and-mortar store with no foot traffic. You probably also know that most web traffic comes from internet search engines giving your website good visibility in their search listings. To get that visibility you need the search engines to be able to parse through your site and work out which search keywords to rank your website for. This makes search engine optimization (SEO) of huge benefit to you in promoting your business to the world. To compete effectively with other businesses in your field your need your site to stand out in the search listings, and SEO is your primary tool in making that happen.

If you are located in Miami then you are probably looking for a Miami SEO company that can help you optimize your website for search. While you have many options to choose from in finding that SEO company, you need someone competent who will reliably help your business website gain visibility and generate repeat traffic. And if you are new to the concept of search engine optimization then you may need a few more reasons to take it seriously before you consider hiring a company to take care of your SEO needs. Here are some points to consider.

– SEO will improve the visibility of your website which will drive customers to your business

The modern internet is driven by keywords. Search engines use keywords to work out what content a particular web page has so that they can connect those web pages to search topic results. Social media sites also use keywords in the form of tags to work out which searches to match social media content to. Keywords can help you target your website to the right kind of visitors situated in the right geographical locations for your prospective business customers. If you need to target Miami SEO then an experienced SEO professional can help design your website to achieve that. If you are focused on worldwide web traffic or visitors that speak a particular language then SEO can help make that happen too.

– SEO can help with the branding of your business

By focusing your website around your specific business brand your website can help enhance that brand in the minds of your website visitors. This will ensure that those visitors remember your business and will give them a reason to
consider your business when they have need of the product or service that your business offers. Your brand is an important tool in making your business memorable and SEO can sharpen the effectiveness of that tool.

– SEO can improve the credibility and authority of your business

A well designed and well-targeted website can help give your visitors peace of mind that they are dealing with a business that they can rely on. It can also convince them that your business can competently deliver what it offers and that they may be able to trust you above your competitors. Your prospective customers need to take your business seriously as a solution to their needs and effective website SEO can help convince them of that.

– SEO Companies give you a solid return on investment

Your website is your public face on the internet. It is the first thing most of your prospective internet customers will see in regards to your business. Money spent on improving your website for both search engines and human visitors is money well spent.

Good SEO for your website is like ensuring that your car engine is well tuned and running optimally. It ensures that each visitor to your website has the maximum potential to be a prospective customer, and that search engines take your website seriously and match it with the right search results. If your website is not properly optimized for search then you are basically leaving money and customers on the table.

If you would like to receive a Free SEO Report, just reach out to us!

How to pick a private label supplements manufacturer?


How to pick a private label supplements manufacturer?

If you are looking to sell supplements online, a private label supplements manufacturer is the way to go. However, some people believe finding a reliable private label supplement manufacturer is a tedious, challenging, expensive and complex process. However, this is not the case. For one, you do not have to spend hugely learning how to find a reliable source of products. It is quite easy to find a manufacturer within a very short span. All you need is knowing how to look and things to avoid as this article explains.

Why Private Label?

Getting good margins from generic products and this can lead your entity collapsing because of high costs and very low revenues. Private labeling facilitates greater revenue due to its favorable e-commerce business model that allows for effective ranking and unique branding. It also facilitates greater control over your products. You also get an opportunity to provide better customer experiences as you can provide products quickly.

Further, the model has attracted even big brands such as Amazon which has seen some of its private label brands among the best-ranked brands on their site by sales. It is therefore critical that your brand strategies be beyond Amazon as they can use their SEO power and advanced algorithms.

Picking a private label manufacturer?

Finding manufacturers that can deliver standard products is quite easy as they are readily available on the internet. for one, avoid AliExpress, Oberlo and other dropship directories or tools. Conversely, if you search in sites like Alibaba, Thomasnets, and Google. You will find many, however, you will be required to dig and sift through the information to get what you want.


Alibaba is one of the sites you can easily search for private label supplement manufacturers. Inputting a keyword of the supplement you wish to sell on Alibaba provides third-party verifications as well as certifications of the companies that provide these goods. The search also provides tons of highly affordable products particularly because most products are produced overseas especially in Asia where costs of production are low. Beware most of the companies on Alibaba are Chinese companies and have little to no quality control, you get what you pay for.

What to look for in the selection of a manufacturer?

A simple look at reviews elucidates how the various manufacturers address negative feedback and can guide you in identifying sketchy manufacturers. A look at verifications can also go a long way. It is also vital to check product specialization to ensure the company can effectively supply products that meet your needs and quality.

Checking the minimum order quantity as well as the price of various products is also vital to ensure that you can squeeze a good margin out of products. This will ensure good revenue and ensure the sustainability of your business. Having a business license is also useful as personal details may not be taken seriously by manufacturers. during the initial contact, it is essential to verify the information to ensure it matches that gathered online. it is also important to get samples before sourcing in bulk.

Where to Start? 
You can start by contacting Private Label Express. They are a US Private label Manufacturer located in Florida. They can help you start your own brand of high-end supplements, they offer Free Label Design from their experts, free label printing, and even free label application. Literally, all you have to do is pick the product and approve the label design. They offer a low MOQ and can have your product to you within 2-3 weeks. Download their Catalog
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